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North America Crew finder Club news. 

Coboatersblog is the news outlet for the largest crew finder club in North America. 

What is a Crew Finder Network?

How to find a crew or a boat? How to sail more?

The best solution to sail more is to join a crew finder club like Coboaters because you can meet fellow boaters and sailors, crew, skippers, captains and boat owners. Coboaters can also be called a crew seeker or a find crew club. It is a great way to expand your sailing network and start boating adventure on any type of vessels like catamarans, monohulls or even classic boats. Coboaters is good for racing or cruising and to meet wit recreationnal sailors and professional captains, crew and skippers.

What ever you want to do, you are welcome on board!

What is a Crew Finder network?

Why join a crew seeker club?

How does a sailing network work?

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