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About CoBoaters

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Ahoy! Thanks for dropping anchor!

CoBoaters is a boating community aiming to bring boaters together and offer new opportunities on the water – but there’s so much more to it!

For both skippers and crew members, finding crew members, boats, and boating opportunities can be a real struggle, and connecting with one another can be a difficult task.


Ironically, both crew members and skippers rely on each other for a successful outing on the water.



Boat owners often need crew members who can help them sail, either for pleasure or to enter a race or to spend  a nice weekend. Similarly, there are multitudes of crewmembers looking to connect with skippers with whom they can gain experience or offer their services. Due to difficulties finding and connecting with one another, crewmembers often find themselves having to spend money to rent a boat themselves. This can be problematic, as many do not necessarily have enough knowledge or experience to manage a cruiser on their own.

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