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How To Introduce Yourself to Skippers and Crew

Coboaters, the North America Coboating and crew finder club is not a boat rental service that connects you with boat owners who don't care who you are. Our skippers are people who plan to have a great time on the water with their crew! The same goes for introducing yourself as a skippers to crew members – no one wants to be bossed around by someone they don’t get along with and spoils an opportunity to enjoy boating. You want to find a boat and you are a skipper you want to find a crew.

So it really is paramount to make a good impression. After all you really are going to be in the same boat, so it’s best to show other members that you are reliable and trustworthy! Here are some important tips to bear in mind in this respect:

Why is a sailing resume so important for skippers and crew!

  • DON’T be too shy!

  • No one is too old, too young, too this or too that – everyone is welcome on CoBoaters. There’s no need to hold back on important information about yourself – you’d be setting yourself up for disappointment!

Example of crew seeker profile on coboaters. Description of sailing skills and experience.
Explaining your goals is important to find a boat or a crew
  • DO let other members know about yourself, your personality, lifestyle and preferences.

  • DO make sure you come across as someone who can be relied on – if you have any certifications that showcase your skills and experience, definitely share them. Our team is here to help and support you.

How to make a good first impression:

The 7 best practices to meet the right skipper

  1. Be your best self, stay pleasant, diplomatic and even tempered! You’ll enjoy yourself much more, and so will everyone else onboard.

  2. Be clear about when you’re available to go boating.

  3. Organize your own way to get to the port where you’ll embark, and how you’ll get home.

  4. Be ready to do your part in sailing maneuvers, and be ready to follow your skipper’s directions, or listen to your crewmembers’ opinions.

  5. Play your part in the everyday chores on long sailing trips (including cooking, washing up, cleaning and basic maintenance)

  6. Be grateful for your skipper and crewmembers for inviting you into their lives during this boating event – you’re all part of the same CoBoaters community!

  7. Participate in the trip’s expenses. Sharing is caring!

The 4 most-common errors

  1. Expect sailing lessons – co-boaters aren’t professionals who teach sailing or boating.

  2. Be selfish, ie: “I want to learn to sail with an enthusiast, to then be able to sail alone on my own boat...”

  3. Describe yourself as a sailing professional, ie: "I’m such a good sailor I could teach the skipper to sail." There’s always more to learn from other people.

  4. Explain why you want to go to Brazil or go fishing instead of explaining why you would be a good teammate/travel companion: CoBoaters is primarily a boating community, not a rental service.

List of multiple skills and boating experience for crew finders.
The more details, the better for you and other members

Why good pictures are so important

Smiling crew profile face on coboaters website
A smily face is better!

Your profile photo

So you’ve been denied access to a boating event, or no one’s been answering your messages? That is unfortunate. But did you remember to upload a profile photo?

It’s important to remember that CoBoaters is an online service only, so your photo and name are the very first impressions other members will have of you, before even communicating with you, hearing your voice or meeting you in person.

Here’s how to put your best foot forward:

  • DO prioritize a photo where your face is clearly visible over full-length portraits.

  • DO choose a photo that is as recent as possible.

  • DON’T use a photo that’s blurry, over-exposed or too dark!

  • DON’T use a photo where a boat is more obvious than you are – this could be confusing for other members.

  • DO choose a photo where you’re wearing a shirt or top – if you choose a photo in which you’re shirtless or in a bathing suit, the cropped photo will make you look naked! It just might not be what you’re going for when you’re trying to introduce yourself as a serious and reliable boater.

  • DO choose a photo where only you appear, rather than a group, couple, or family picture. You’re the star of your own profile!

Your sailing photo albums

Photo album of boats and crew. Blue boat hull
You can post as many photos albums as you want.

It's easier to make a good impression or get to know someone from multiple photos than from just one.

You can easily create photo albums of your previous boating adventures or events. Feel free to include other photos of yourself, or group photos with people you went boating with!

If you plan to bring a pet onboard, do include a photo of them, and let make sure it’s okay with your skipper and crewmates to have a furry friend join you!

What about privacy and safety when meeting skippers?

Full members of the club can only see your first name and the first letter of your last name along with your profile picture. Visitors and free trial members do not have access to any personal information and your profile picture is blurred. In addition, searching your name and last name on a search engines (Google in particular) will never lead to your Coboaters profile.

After following the tips listed here, you're ready to respond to Notices, contact other members of our sailing network, and get answers in return. You can find a boat or find a crew!

See you very soon on the water!

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