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Mojo adventures #2: The Gulf stream and first week in the Bahamas

Updated: May 25, 2022

After some weeks of maintenance and repair, Mojo was ready to make the jump to the Bahamas by the end of January 2022. Phil P (founder of Coboaters) joined us to help us crew the boat on our 24-hour run across the Gulf Stream to Great Harbour in the Berry Islands. Phil is a great crewmate and experienced seaman who was especially helpful during the night crossing.

Crossing the Gulf Stream

We decided to leave West Palm Beach, Florida on Friday, February 4th when we saw the weather window was closing for the following day. The decisive factor was the change in the predicted wave state in the Gulf Stream. Saturday’s forecast was looking promising with calm seas (less than 2 feet prediction) with 8-10 second intervals but that changed by mid Friday morning to waves building up to 7-9 feet seas with 4 second intervals. It was either go right away or wait until the next window. So, we got all our last minute provisioning, shopping, and COVID tests done and left about 5:00 pm.

The 135 mile trip across was largely uneventful. Crossing the gulf stream was easy. Unfortunately, the wind gods did not cooperate, so we were a motorboat the entire way. Overall, it took us about 22 hours to get to our destination.

We finally made it to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands. Internet was a bit sketchy so until we figured that out, we could not be as communicative as we would have liked.

Starting from West Palm Beach to the Bahamas. Happy crew despite the lack of wind.

One week in the Berry Islands

View of the sky from the sailboat deck of the catamaran
Nice view - Beautiful sky

We spent a week in the Berry Islands. We checked in at Bullocks Harbour on Great Harbour Cay and met up with sailing friend Mark S. We spent our first night at the Great Harbour Marina. The following day Kim, Phil and I rode around the island a bit… Phil’s new nickname is Squeak. His bike was so loud that people were yelling for him to use WD-40! It was really funny.

From the Great Harbour Cay we anchored outside the next night. We did some snorkeling at the Blue Hole there. We were unable to find out how deep that hole actually is. We also dove an old DC-3 plane wreck in about 10 feet of water. Quite interesting!

We had a great dinner at Brown’s Garden, the host and owner Roni made us feel right at home. We were the only customers, so he hung with us and gave us great advice about places to dive and visit. A good place for all sailors, crew members and coboaters.

Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands. A very nice and friendly place for boaters.

From Great Harbour Cay we cruised to Hoffman’s Cay, home of an inland Blue Hole and some very spectacular deserted beaches. There was quite a bit of sailboats anchored around us and one larger powerboat. Other boat crew and skippers were very friendly, and we met a few of them for happy hour aboard our friend Mark’s boat.

This Cay is well protected and quite popular because the sand is so white and fine. At Whites Cay we did more snorkeling. Phil also did some paddle boarding and we all spent quality time in our “party platform”, a large 10-foot floating tube with seats and drink holders. I haven’t been able to write up and communicate because the internet connections were sketchy at best until now. Weather was OK but had a bit of rain and cloudy skies. We left Hoffman’s Cay for a four hour sail to Chub Cay, on our way to Nassau.

We should have read the guide a bit closer as we discovered this is a private island. You can land and visit the island if you pay $100! Not good for liveaboard crew like us. So, we did a dinghy hike and had a spectacular dinner aboard. Kim has been keeping us fed with her gourmet meals throughout this amazing trip.

Blue waters at Hoffman's Cay, Berry Island, Bahamas

Arrival in Nassau

The next morning we sailed the 6 hours to Nassau to send crewmate Phil back to the great white north…we will miss him. He can now find another boat to crew. Now we look forward to reaching the Exumas early next week, weather permitting. So far, we expect calm seas with light winds from the SE.

We are staying a few days in Nassau and will head south from there to Norman’s Cay to meet up with Mark again.

I hope you enjoy following our adventures, stay tuned, we will send more when the internet connection is good enough. If you want to learn more about, please contact coboaters.

Nassau is known for its large hotels and as a cruising destination.

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