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Why is a notice the best way to connect boats and crew on Coboaters.

Updated: May 27, 2022

The inspiration behind Coboaters is something you may have seen at your local yacht club or marina, and that you may be very familiar with – a notice board. You can read and find notices with our search tool. You can do basic searches but also advanced searches by defining many parameters such as type of boat, dates of a boating event, destinations and many other criteria to fit your needs. It is the best way to find a boat or to find a crew.

Get noticed: publish a notice.

It’s free and potentially the biggest benefit of your Coboaters membership. Your best chance of meeting the right people is to publish a notice. This is how most members will look for you. There are notices of crew looking for boats and boat owners looking for crew. When you publish a notice you need to indicate your preferred dates, your port of departure or arrival or if the port is not yet decided, your regional or global area. All of this is to help you find the right people and to save you time. The more accurate you are, the better. If you plan several cruises or weekend trips, publish several notices. You can publish as many notices as you want. You can duplicate them, pause, modify them at any time.

Examples of notices to find a boat or to find a crew.

Our team moderates each notice before it is published. This is why it takes some time before you can see it online. We want to make sure no information is missing such as dates, , , ports of departure and arrival are well defined. We check to be sure your notice is complete to provide you the best crew or boat opportunities to fit your needs. We do minor corrections for you and will contact you with suggestions to help your notice get the best response If you interested in a notice, click on it to see more details and contact the member. So remember: - Publish notices as soon as your boating project is known - You can modify, duplicate or pause a notice. - You can publish as many notices as you want - Visit on a regular basis to see if new notices are available.

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