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What is CoBoaters?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Introducing Coboaters, a Online Crew Finder service for sailboats and powerboats.

CoBoaters is a boating community aiming to bring boaters together and offer new opportunities on the water – but there’s so much more to it!

A Common Problem For Many Sailors, Boat Owners And Crew: Meeting, Connecting And Communicating

For both skippers and crewmembers, finding crewmembers, boats, and boating opportunities can be a real struggle, and connecting with one another can be a difficult task.

Ironically, both crewmembers and skippers rely on each other for a successful outing on the water.

Sailboat with crew looking at the ocean - Coboaters crew finder service
Not so easy to find a boat or to find a crew

Boat owners often need crew members who can help them sail and spend time on their boat, either for pleasure or to enter a race or regatta. Similarly, there are multitudes of crew members looking to connect with skippers with whom they can gain experience or offer their services. Due to difficulties finding and connecting with one another, crewmembers often find themselves having to spend money to rent a boat themselves. This can be problematic, as many do not necessarily have enough knowledge or experience to manage a cruiser on their own.

Even for skippers who do manage to find a crew, organizing and communicating with crew members can be inconvenient and time-consuming, often resulting in repetitive attempts to communicate with the entire crew across various inconvenient platforms, such as phone calls, text messages, or messaging apps.

The current lack of resources for finding one another often leaves skippers and crewmembers relying on personal relationships or word of mouth in order to collaborate. This, however, is not always enough.

An Easy and Accessible Online Boating Platform:

How does Work?

The inspiration behind CoBoaters is something you may have seen at your local boat club, and that you may be very familiar with – a notice board. We aim to bring this concept online to bring together a boating community around the concepts of co-navigation, co-sailing, co-boating and boat-sharing.

Notices: Browse Skippers, Boats, Crewmembers, and Boating Events

Sailboat and sunset. Beautiful picture for crew and boat owner
Sunset from a sailboat is always a fantastic experience

Skippers can post a Notice for a Boating Event, featuring the specific details of the boating opportunity they wish offer. Skippers will also be able to hire chosen applicants and conveniently communicate with their entire crew directly through the CoBoaters app or website. From races to cruises and fishing trips, anything is possible!

For crewmembers, CoBoaters will provide the opportunity to create online sailing resumes to better showcase their experience and their nautical knowledge. Crewmembers will be able to advertise their experience and availability, as well as message skippers they may be entered in joining for a boating event.

Safe and Reliable Tools to Find your Crew and Organize your Boating Events

CoBoaters will also feature a Crew Management tool that will enable Skippers to easily hire and communicate with Crewmembers for a Boating Event they’re planning. The platform will also enable Skippers to further organize Boating Events by asking Crewmembers to share boat expenses such as gasoline or food, or to request a daily donation to help share expenses on boating excursions.

Additionally, CoBoaters draws an emphasis on safety and reliability – after participating a Boating Event, Skippers and Crewmembers will be able to comment and post reviews of each other with a star rating and comment system, ensuring a pleasant and safe experience on the water for everyone.

Connect with other Boating Enthusiasts

Female crew behind a sailboat helm
Meeting other fellow boaters is easy on

The Coboaters platform includes social-media style features, helping co-boaters meet and connect with other boating enthusiasts. will also feature forums, blogs, and more! Coboaters is much more than just a website – it’s an online community for boating enthusiasts to network, meet, chat, and learn from one another, allowing you to connect even beyond the scope of your local yacht club!


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