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East Greenwich Yacht Club, Annual Regatta.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The East Greenwich Yacht Club annual regatta is in early July.

It is considered to be one of the most fun events of the sailing season in Narragansett bay. This year, the EGYC Annual Regatta will take place on Saturday, July 9th, 2022.

This event is an open regatta. There will be at least four classes; a Spinnaker, a Non-spinnaker, J22 One Design, and a Family Cruising Class, which is designed for those yachts That are optimized for cruising.

The EGYC Annual Regatta is a “Pursuit Race” around government buoys and special marks for cruising class yachts with starting times staggered according to the yachts PHRF rating or rating as determined by the club measurer. With this system, all boats are supposed to finish at the same time. Slower boats start before the fastest boats. The departure time of each boat is assigned by the race committee before the starting time. A Pursuit race is good to keep the fleet together, it makes competition more fun and friendly.

What is the family class?

  • The "Family Class" is for boats that do not normally race

  • You do not need a PHRF certificate, we will assign you a rating

  • Do you have a grill on your stern and a plow anchor on the bow? Leave them on!

  • Provide boat details and our rating expert will give you a rating

  • This is a great way to get the family out for a day on the water

Who can participate in the race?

Any boat can join the race. EGYC will provide free moorings at the Club if you would like to stay overnight after the race and/or arrive the day before. It is another great way to enjoy the weekend and to meet with fellow crew members, boat owners, and families. Moorings are assigned by request on a first come first-served basis. You can request a mooring by email at

Registration for 2022 is available online via Regatta Network. The Official Notice of Race (NOR) and documents are also available.


EGYC Annual Regatta in its current version was the first launched in 2009 but the race is almost as old as the club itself. The three first boats of each class receive a trophy. There are also two perpetual trophies.

The John Lavin trophy is awarded to the first J-Boat since 2014

The Udo Schroff trophy is awarded to the winner of the most competitive class. Udo Schroff was a long-time member of EGYC and the driving force for the regatta. The beautiful trophy is kept at the Clubhouse. Each year a plaque with the winner's name is added.

The Regatta Party and souvenir T-shirts:

Every year, EGYC organizes a dinner party after the event. It is a great time with live music and great food for everyone. You will be able to talk and share your stories with other crew and sailors. The prize ceremony takes place during the dinner party on EGYC premises.

Last but not least, you can purchase high-quality souvenir T-shirts.

You can order your regatta party dinner and T-shirts in advance by visiting the registration portal and online storefront

Find a crew or Find a boat for the EGYC Annual Regatta partners with EGYC to be the official crew finder network for the race. There are hundreds of crew in Rhode Island or close to Rhode Island who are looking for opportunities to join a team for this event. At the same time, there are boats looking for crew. Coboaters help in connecting boat owners and crew.

Click here to access the crew finder network.

Sailboat crew finder

Official websites:

- East Greenwich Annual regatta

- East Greenwich Yacht Club

- EGYC Annual regatta 2022 registration

- EGYC regatta Facebook page.


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