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What our Members say about our crew finder network

We strive everyday to provide the best possible service and to help you find a crew or a boat. We have hundreds of members. Some members write to us and let us know what they found on coboaters.com and what they think about the Club.

A selection of testimonials is here below.


Interview of crew member: Shannon

What a gem of a website! When I first started sailing, I had zero clue how/where to connect with other sailors, captains, crew, etc. This summer, Coboaters opened up my life to a whole new community of like-minded people, and I am so excited for more experiences in new places. I've met some wonderful people and have gotten to improve my sailing skills from great mentors!


Crew member: Wendy, Boston, MA

Female sailboat or powerboat crew ready for new boating adventure.

I'm looking forward to being a part of this awesome community! Coboaters fulfills an important need by uniquely providing a safe way for boaters to connect... I'm particularly impressed by Coboater's verification and detailed profile system that other platforms simply do not offer. Thank you Phil for creating this opportunity for people who love getting out on the water!


Interview with boat owner: Tom

Tom lives on his boat for several years. He explains why Coboaters is good for him.


Crew member: Slawek, Illinois.

Sailboat crew who found boating opportunities on coboaters


As a first time user, I was so surprise, how easy and effective was to arrange sailing trip on Coboaters. Two hours exchange of messages plus phone call and bingo - all is done. In four weeks expect some fresh impressions from the ocean, published on CoBoaters.

Happy sailing.


Crew member and boat owner: Bob, Cranston, Rhode Island

Thank you for setting up this website. I was able to sail and meet new interesting people. It is always great to find new opportunities.

The website has a lot to offer. I like checking pictures posted by other members. I also appreciate the blog posts and the Newsletters. Wish you all the best. Fair Winds to all!


Boat owner and Captain: Steve, Garnett Valley, Maryland

Boat owner, happy for find crew and sail even more often

I love the app and still trying to learn its full capabilities. It's working so far, a couple of good contacts and some possible crew members... I don't have any sailing plans scheduled yet, just working on meeting my splash date...doing the bottom pain and hull waxing and other projects that need attention before a shake down sail. I am planning to do a meet and greet with any potential crew members.


Experienced sailor: Rick, Farmington, Connecticut.

Captain Pierre Coboaters picture while looking for a crew for Transatlantic

Enjoyed 12 great days aboard beautiful sailboat in Bahamas and to FL with great owner/Capt and another crew thanks to connections made and personal support from Coboaters. Thank You!


Experienced sailor and boat owner: Fabian, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Captain Pierre Coboaters picture while looking for a crew for Transatlantic

Coboaters has been a great experience for me, allowing me to connect with another boat owner and share the experience of sailing the Bahamas and Eastern US coast.


Boat owner and Captain: Pierre, Paris, France

Captain Pierre Coboaters picture while looking for a crew for Transatlantic

We found a crew for our Atlantic crossing. I remove my notice. Great site. We will use it again for our next crew search. Thanks.


« Coboaters concept of sharing experiences and passions on the water is awesome. The crew management tool will help me saving time and will optimize my sailing season. Great Website! »

Emilie K. Seattle


« I learn sailing years ago and always wanted to jump on boats. Coboaters give me the opportunity to find boats and to meet amazing skippers and crew. »

Felipe N. Miami


« This website is amazing. It is exactly what is necessary to connect boat owners and crew. The Powerboats experience opportunities are great. I can’t wait for my next trip with other Coboaters. »

Chris L. Boston

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